Operational Productivity – the “So What”

Ranger SST - more calls per driver

Towing software has traditionally focused on administrative efficiency – making life better in the office.  To varying degrees, this is now “standard equipment”.   The differentiator for tow companies today is performance in the field — operational productivity — which is all about increasing the capacity/capability for drivers to complete more calls each day.  The benefit is higher revenue and higher margins which show up quickly on the bottom line (vs. administrative efficiencies which may require downsizing to realize a financial benefit).

Two keys for success:

  1. Deploy a robust mobile solution for drivers that actually works. “Works” is the opposite of “buggy”, “crashes”, and “only works when the driver is coverage”.  One key to “robust” is providing account-specific pricing calculations, linked to credit card processing, on the device so drivers can take payment quickly, on-site,  without being mathematicians.
  2. Enable dispatchers to spend more time talking to customers, vs. talking to drivers. The mobile solution is necessary, but insufficient.  For example, Dispatchers also need a mapping solution that enables them to:
    • Pinpoint exactly where a customer is stranded, updating the driver’s navigation on the device = drivers arrive sooner and have more capacity
    • View ALL trucks that are approaching the Dropped location, and ALL open jobs = better deployment decisions = higher fleet utilization + less fuel consumed
    • Make call assignments directly from the map, while deciding on the deployment strategy

Build on administrative efficiency — make operational productivity your competitive advantage.

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