How Does Ranger SST Benefit Business Owners?

Ranger SST Benefits

Ranger SST’s #1 All-In-One Tow Management Solution integrates dispatching, messaging, GPS tracking and mapping to help your towing and recovery business run more smoothly and handle more jobs!

So how does Ranger SST’s system benefit business owners?  Our tools lead to increased profit through higher revenue with lower costs, and improved customer service with shorter response times.  Here’s how we do it…

Increased Profit

  • With Ranger SST, your business can handle more calls per shift without increasing labor.
    • The productivity improvements enabled by our solution – tools for both dispatchers and drivers –  mean reduced lost time for drivers locating motorists, clearing calls and waiting for the next job.
    • Increased dispatching efficiency also lowers your fuel costs!
  • Our GPS truck tracking program MapTrackTM minimizes unauthorized services and cash pocketed by drivers – so you’re not losing revenue.
  • Ranger SST allows your business to reduce its liability with tools for collecting pictures and driver acknowledgements of vehicle damage, as well as tracking of driver location and behavior.
  • Plus, our reporting makes it easier than ever for management to identify operational improvement opportunities.

Improved Customer Service

  • Ranger SST helps your business achieve shorter response times through better dispatching.  With SmartDispatchTM, Dispatchers can:
    • Make better, “big picture” deployment decisions wth a view of ALL open jobs and ALL available and soon-to-be-available trucks.
    • Get the right truck to the right call without cris-crossing along the way.
  • Call-tasking with DirectDispatchTM allows dispatchers to pinpoint your customers’ exact locations, so your drivers can deliver shorter ETAs and avoid losing time trying to find customers.
  • If unexpected delays occur, dispatchers have the information to proactively notify your customers so they know what to expect.
  • Ranger SST allows for more responsive emailing (or sending, or in-truck printing) of invoices as soon as a job is complete – meaning your customers get the information they are looking for without burdening drivers to fill out tickets (GO PAPERLESS!).
  • We also help you resolve service issues more quickly with GPS truck reporting.

If you’re ready to see increased profit, improved customer service and higher revenue contact us for a discussion of performance improvement opportunities, and to schedule a free no obligation demo!

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