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If you manage the deployment of construction equipment (e.g., rented generators or excavators), move containers (e.g., to and from multi-modal locations), relocate automobiles (e.g., to auctions), or move bulk materials (e.g., piping, asphalt, top spoil) – Ranger SST’s TransportOpsTM solution will help streamline your business operations.

TransportOpsTM helps you achieve higher utilization – with the right truck/trailer for the right job.  Our solution is designed to eliminate the headaches of planning and scheduling your transport jobs, and make it easier for your Transport Manager to adapt as new jobs come in, or as issues arise.

Simplified Scheduling

Our specialized planning tool helps you make sense of your schedule.  No need for whiteboards or “sticky notes” on bulletin boards to plan your jobs and track your drivers!  With TransportOpsTM you can easily plan, update, and manage your schedule in one place – with on-line visibility to your entire team from wherever they may be.

Intuitive Drag and Drop Assignment of Trucks and Drivers

Transport jobs are entered just like tow jobs – with load and scheduling information.  The “drag and drop” feature in TransportOpsTM allows you to select and assign the appropriate equipment based on the requirements of the load.   Simply drag and drop the assignments to the appropriate truck/trailer, consider and assess alternative deployment ideas, and/or adjust arrival times as needed.  Then drag and drop the driver for the job to the equipment.  You can modify your schedule after making assignments to respond to customer changes, and/or to work in an extra load.

Map View of Pending Assignments for Better Deployment Decisions

Our “Map View” feature gives you the option to see all scheduled and held jobs based on location, so you can design better plans for the efficient use of your equipment and team.  For example, multiple vehicle pick-ups (going to auction) in one area would be assigned to a four-car carrier, whereas a single vehicle in a different area would be picked up by a rollback.

Driver Management Made Easy

The features in Ranger SST’s TransportOpsTM will make notifying, tracking, and managing drivers easier than ever!

Job Alerts / Advance Driver Notification

Once you have your schedule ready to go in TransportOpsTM, Ranger automates the sending of text messages to your drivers (including to their personal cell phones) so they know when to start the next day.  Drivers receive information that includes:

  • Details on the customer’s load, pick-up location, and when they need to arrive on-site
  • An estimate of when to be on the road to meet customer expectations

Made changes to the schedule? No problem – TransportOpsTM is smart enough to send new notifications to only those drivers that need to adjust their plans.

Work Day Job Assignment

Jobs will be auto-assigned to drivers when they log-in into the Ranger mobile application (CommLinkTM) – no morning “fire drill” for dispatchers. Drivers will have everything they need on their mobile device – including job details and navigation to the pick-up location.

Tracking Dashboard

Wish you could make sure your drivers received their assignments and that delivery was proceeding as planned?  Done.

Your TransportOpsTM dashboard gives the transport manager the ability to view:

  • Advance Job Notifications – did the driver acknowledge their job assignment message?
  • On-time departure – Ranger estimates when drivers need to be on the road based on the calculated drive-time; so, if you have a driver who hasn’t logged into CommLinkTM when expected, you can troubleshoot the issue ASAP – before it becomes a serious customer problem!
  • Ongoing Call Status – inputs from the driver into CommLinkTM  keep the transport team up to date on each job – from when each driver arrives to when they are complete

Managing all of this information in one dashboard also makes it easier to respond to new, unplanned job requests, or handle the inevitable changes as they come in.

Multi-Task Jobs – No Need for the Paper Log

On occasion, a transport customer will need a truck/driver for the better part of a day to complete multiple assignments.   Drivers are expected to keep track of pick-up and delivery locations/times for each load.  In Ranger, drivers enter this information directly into CommLinkTM –  simplifying the record-keeping for your driver.  And the best part, the information recorded by the driver is printed automatically on the customer’s invoice – no re-entry of data required!

Want to see how Ranger SST’s TransportOpsTM performs for job planning, driver notification and auto-assigning?  Contact us today to schedule a free demonstration!


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