Ranger SST – Training Video Library


With Ranger’s robust fully-integrated system you can improve upon all aspects of your business, and these self paced videos will help train your team to utilize Ranger’s capabilities.  Contact us to request our FREE training videos for your team!


Ranger SST Training Video Library


Getting Started

1.10    Users and Permissions

1.20    Drivers and Trucks

1.40    Contacts, Bases and Lots

1.50    Mobile Device Options, Messages, Problems and Truck Inspection

1.70    Logos, Dropbox, CC, Motor Clubs

Setting Up Accounts

2.10    Basics

2.20    Customer Contacts, Locations and Accounting

2.30    Dispatch Defaults


3.10    Entering Information to Call Assignment, Estimated Pricing and Member Limits

3.20    New Motor Club Calls

3.21    Entering a Motor Club Call with a Member Limit

3.30    Assigning a Call to a Driver

3.41    Advanced Options: Re-Use Location and Look-Up Address

3.43    Utilizing Find Me Capabilities

Mobile Application

4.10    Downloading CommLink and Mobile App Start-Up

4.20    Using Ranger’s Mobile Application

4.30    Create a Call from the Mobile Device


5.10    Mapping Overview

5.20   Smart Dispatch

5.30    Map Details


6.10    Two Ways In: Drop by Driver, Manual Entry

6.20    Advanced Search and Three Ways hOut

6.30    Work Flow Management

6.40    Discharging Vehicles: Release to Owner, Disposal and Auction

6.50    Reports

6.60    Advanced Look-Up

6.80    Notes and Lien Letters

6.90    Vehicle Pricing and Discharge


7.10    Overview

7.20    Creating and Modifying Pricing Templates (Rates)

7.30    Item, (Extras) and Item Templates (Groupings of Extras)

7.40    Rate Structures


8.10    Overview

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