CommLinkTM – A Mobile Solution Tow Truck Drivers Can Count On

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Looking for a mobile solution for your tow truck drivers?  Ranger SST’s CommLinkTM is the tool you’ve been looking for to increase productivity and keep your drivers happy!

Reliability You Can Count On

Ranger’s CommLinkTM has long been the leading, highest reliability driver-centric mobile solution in the industry — and best of all… it actually works as promised!

Designed to work your Android phone or tablet, CommLinkTM leverages proprietary technology and techniques that enable multiple processes at the same time (e.g., status updates, VIN look-up, AND location tracking).   This means no gaps in your GPS data, whether the driver is receiving new call details, entering customer and/or vehicle data, messaging the office – or doing a combination at the same time!  In addition, all information entered by the driver will get to the job record without any reentry – whether the driver is in coverage or not.

Increased Productivity

Our solutions are designed to increase productivity and improve the bottom line for your towing business.  With the CommLinkTM mobile app, you’ll find resources to increase driver productivity and the overall efficiency of business processes.

Driver Productivity Features

  • Turn-By-Turn Navigation
    • Our in-app navigation system is powered by Google Maps to give drivers accurate and easy-to-follow directions to Incident and Destination locations. And, using the GPS capabilities in the driver’s mobile device provides a lower-cost GPS solution than hard-wired devices.
    • SmartTruckRoute integration is also available for heavy duty wreckers and transport vehicles so that they avoid restricted truck routes.
  • Driver Status Updates
    • Drivers can easily update their job status for dispatch, indicating progress from “enroute” to “clear.”
    • A geofence is created around the Destination location, providing advance notice to dispatchers as they consider which truck to assign to open jobs.
    • Similarly, the geofence around the Incident location provides an on-scene timestamp in case the driver faces a crisis on arrival and immediately goes into action.
  • Messaging
    • CommLinkTM’s high reliability messaging system simplifies every job!
    • Dispatchers cannot only send job details/updates to the driver, but also new information and instructions – and drivers can reply using pre-written messages with just one tap.
    • Dispatchers can assign another job to a driver while they are on another call, or easily notify the driver if a job is cancelled.
  • Create Calls on Scene
    • Drivers have the ability to create a call when needed, whether it is observed when close to another job, or whether taking calls after business hours when a dispatcher is not available in the office.
  • Easy Data Entry
    • Drivers can skip typing and use microphone capabilities in their Android smart phone to enter job notes in the app – which can be copied to invoices.
    • A VIN look-up can be completed by entering a license plate, and if that fails, the VIN can be scanned with a bar code reader on the device – minimizing data entry requirements.
  • CommLink by Ranger SSTPicture-Taking
    • Any photos taken by the driver are automatically linked directly to the job record.
    • The device can be set to send pictures when in a Wi-Fi environment, to reduce airtime costs.
  • Pricing/Approvals
    • Account-specific pricing is sent with the call to the device, so drivers don’t need to know rate books, or spend time on calculations, or wait for input from a dispatcher.
    • Drivers can add extra services and, with permissions, make adjustments to the service charges.
    • When appropriate, the pricing process can be designed to include approvals from dispatch.
    • Drivers can accept and record payments on-scene that are recorded with the job record.
  • Signature Capture
    • From consent-to-tow, to pre-existing damage acknowledgement, to acceptance of payment responsibility – drivers can capture client signatures in CommLinkTM to create an electronic record of approvals and reduce liability.
  • Easy Invoicing
    • Drivers can request that customers enter their email address, so that dispatchers can send the invoice as soon as the call is clear – paperless!
    • Or, drivers can print an invoice in the truck with CommLinkTM managing the process.
  • Credit Card Processing
    • Credit cards can be pre-authorized before a driver renders services directly in CommLinkTM.
    • At clear, credit card payments can be processed – with manual number entry or using readers .
  • Configure by Account
    • Flags can be set to remind drivers of needed information – e.g., VIN, BOL, Member Number.
    • These flags can be configured by account, or set by dispatch at the time of call assignment.
  • Inspections
    • Pre- and post-trip tow truck inspections are easier than ever with our user-defined check lists. You determine what needs to be validated, and your driver can check the list directly from the CommLinkTM

Business Productivity Features

  • Dispatchers Can Focus on Customers
    • By giving your drivers resources in hand and leveraging two-way messaging, CommLinkTM frees up your dispatchers to focus on talking to customers, rather than to drivers!
  • Drivers Have Shorter ETA’s and Spend Less Time On-Scene
    • Navigation on the device guides drivers directly to the location as pinpointed by dispatch.
    • Processes on the device enable drivers to enter needed information and clear calls more quickly.
  • Mobile Device Management Keeps Drivers “On-task”
    • Devices can be configured to prevent surfing, video downloads, game-playing, etc.
    • By limiting usage to business-related activities, air time expenses and diversions are reduced.

Is your towing business ready to increase driver efficiency with the CommLinkTM mobile app?  Contact us today for a free demonstration.

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