LotMaster: Storage Lot Management


Storage Lot Management

LotMasterTM provides all of the functionality expected in a storage lot solution, including re-tows, lien letters and much more. There is also a special mobile application for those attending the lot.  The most common use for this app is continued picture-taking, which can be valuable in reducing liability exposures. The LotMasterTM mobile app is also designed to streamline the process for taking physical inventories of vehicles.

LotMaster by Ranger SST

Key Features

  • Maintain complete job records from Tow to Admit to Discharge
  • Advanced search for fast retrieval of vehicle info
  • Mobile app for work in the lot
    • Picture-taking; condition reporting
    • Physical lot inventory checks / variances
  • Pricing; collection of fees for agencies
  • Police holds; vehicle contents tracking
  • Lien Letter processing
  • Integration with Auto Data Direct – registered owner information, certified letter process, NMVTUS
  • Workflow tracking – by vehicle vs. milestones
  • Release to Owner, Vehicle Disposal, Auctions

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