SmartDispatch: Visual Dispatch from the Map


Visual Dispatch – Right Truck For the Job

SmartDispatchTM enables visual, drag & drop dispatch from the map.  Since Ranger is a fully integrated solution – the information in mapping is the same and as complete as that on the Dispatch Board.  Dispatchers can view all open jobs and all available trucks to make better deployment decisions — shortening ETA’ s, and lowering fuel costs.

SmartDispatch by Ranger SST

Key Features

  • Improve fleet productivity with better assignment decisions
    • Shorten ETAs; better customer service
    • Avoid trucks “crisscrossing”
    • Reduce fuel costs
    • Increase driver capacity for more calls
  • Drag & Drop assignment from the map, sent directly to driver automatically
    • View trucks together with open jobs
    • Expand options with trucks soon to be Dropped
    • Complete open jobs in best sequence
  • Assist less experienced dispatchers make better deployment decisions
  • Review breadcrumb reports

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