Managing a Storage Lot with Ranger SST – Linked to AutoDataDirect

managing a car storage lot Ranger SST

Do you have a storage lot to manage?  Ranger SST’s integration with AutoDataDirect helps you manage that businesses more effectively to accelerate cash flow!

Get Paid More Quickly

Once a vehicle is on your lot, we know you need to move it and get paid as quickly as possible.  Ranger SST’s LotMasterTM solution allows you to maintain complete records of your inventory – and for unclaimed vehicles, we help reduce your time to cash.

Whether your plan for disposal is to take a car to auction, or to strip/scrap the vehicle, completing the lien letter process is your first step to getting paid.  With Ranger SST’s AutoDataDirect integration, the processes for DMV lookup and lien letters are simplified and coordinated in one place.

  • Easy DMV Lookup
    • Easy submission of vehicle data to a state DMV through Ranger SST’s AutoDataDirect integration – no re-entry of VIN or License Plate required
    • Feedback on the registered owner and lien holders is provided directly through your Ranger SST interface
    • AutoDataDirect’s DMV123 connections are available for 35 states (price per DMV lookup varies by state);  sign up is simple and includes all available states
  • Automated Lien Letters
    • Easily create and populate a lien letter in Ranger LotMasterTM with vehicle data, registered owner information, and accrued charges
    • Customize details or add attachments to your lien letter template
    • Process letters yourself – or, with just a few clicks, electronically submit lien letters to AutoDataDirect who will mail and track a certified lien letter and signatures through their DirectPostOffice program

Monitor Lien Letter Status

Ranger SST takes lien letter processing one step further by tracking the progress of all of your vehicles – disposals and those to be released to owners – within LotMasterTM.

LotMasterTM allows you to track vehicles from tow to admit to discharge – including lien letter status, police holds, vehicle condition, and interested parties – all in one place for improved workflow management.  You define your plan/milestones and Ranger tracks progress vs. your targets.

Want to streamline your lien letter process and get paid ASAP? Contact us today for a free demonstration of the LotMasterTM integration with AutoDataDirect!


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