PatrolWorks: Private Parking Impound


Private Property Enforcement / Relocation

PatrolWorksTM is a solution for private property enforcement –  whether a core business, or an opportunity for diversification and growth.  The solution enables towing companies to configure specific requirements for each of their customers, and the PatrolWorksTM mobile app navigates spotters to the assigned lot, and provides a listing of any vehicles that have already been tagged.

PatrolWorks Mobile

Key Features

  • Define parking violations and rules based on lot-specific policies
  • Prioritize patrol assignments based on agreed schedule and potential towing opportunities
  • Use mobile app to enter an update violations on-site – can be used by a security company or the property manager
  • Track “tag and tow” vehicles; trigger a tow when grace period has expired and approvals have been obtained (Ranger “rules engine”)
  • Send tow requests (with pictures) to property manager’s smartphone manager for approval
  • Optimize patrolling with “Yield reports”

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