Towing/GPS Tracking

Ranger SST’s towing and GPS tracking/mapping solutions can help you improve the performance of your business!

Our call-taking, dispatching and GPS Tracking/Mapping features are fully-integrated – NOT bolt-on or “piece parts” – so you can avoid inefficiencies, information losses,  confusion, and errors.

Plus, we provide a mobile solution (Smart Phone or Tablet) to keep your drivers productive and generating more revenue for you, and higher commissions for them.

Learn more about how our tow software solutions can improve your business, below:


SmartDispatchTM is just that – a simpler, smarter, “visual” way to dispatch that helps even experienced dispatchers make better assignment decisions.   The map shows ALL TRUCKS IN CLOSE PROXIMITY to a call – those available and those soon to be “Dropped”.  The Dispatcher also has visibility to ALL OPEN JOBS so they avoid sending a truck to a job when there is another open job close to that truck.    You can get the right equipment to the right job.

That means:

  • Higher fleet productivity
  • Faster response to calls (increased capacity for more calls)
  • Lower fuel costs

Plus, with SmartDispatchTM you can assign a call directly from the map – simply drag and drop the truck icon to the job, release, and the job is assigned immediately to your driver (sent to their mobile device).  Learn more here.

SmartDispatch by Ranger SST

Link From Dispatch Board to SmartDispatch

A new feature in Ranger is the linkage between the Dispatch Board and  SmartDispatchTM.  Click on the location pin next to a job ID, and the map goes to SmartDispatchTM for visual dispatch of the job.

Digital Dispatch with Motor Clubs

Wish it were easier to track and manage Motor Club calls?  We’ve got you covered.  With DispatchDirectTM you can receive service requests electronically, respond with your ETA, and then Ranger imports all call details into your Ranger Dispatch Board after a PO is received.

DispatchDirectTM works with all major motor clubs, including: Agero, Allstate, Allied, FleetNet, GEICO, NSD, Quest, Road America and USAC.  Learn More.

Locating Customers/Find Me

Reduce customer stress and deliver on shorter ETA’s!  The Ranger SST solution allows your dispatcher to lookup addresses on a map in Dispatch, and while talking with a stranded motorist, move the location pin to the customer’s exact location.  After pinpointing the location, those GPS coordinates are forwarded to the driver for faster navigation to scene.

Learn more about our tow dispatch program, DispatchDirectTM here.

Ranger SST Locating Customers/Find Me

Customers don’t know where they are?  Not a problem.  Ranger’s “find me” feature, determines the customer’s location using the GPS chip sets in the customer’s mobile phone.  Coordinates are again sent to the driver for efficient navigation directly to the customer.

Ranger SST Find Me Feature

Updating Customers on Arrival Status

GPS Tracking, Mapping & Reporting

Ranger SST’s MapTrackTM is a fully integrated solution for GPS tracking, mapping, and reporting — no separate product for GPS is needed. Our solution gives your dispatchers the tools to see truck location, traffic conditions, and connectivity with drivers/trucks.

By leveraging visibility with MapTrackTM you can improve fleet productivity with:

  • Better Dispatch Assignments – Assess truck proximity with GPS location data; along with information on availability
  • Early Problem Detection – Identify delays vs. expectations and notify customers; get “lost” drivers back on course
  • Improved Customer Service – Estimate ETA updates based on progress; use history to resolve issues as necessary
  • Increase Availability – limit unapproved stops; manage scheduled time for breaks

In addition, improve operational approaches and grow revenue with the Heat Map

  • Pre-Position Trucks – after Dropped, wait in “hot spots” with frequent demand, rather than using the fuel to return-to base
  • Target Sales and Marketing – focus efforts in “underserved”, populated areas
MapTrack - Improve Fleet Productivity

Fixed-in-Vehicle GPS & Alerting

The source for GPS data can be the driver’s mobile device, or a fixed-in-vehicle GPS unit.

With the integrated fixed-in-vehicle GPS, additional information is available:  engine on/off,  PTO on/off,  beacons on/off and  two additional inputs of your choosing.

Fixed-in-vehicle GPS also allows you to monitor driver behavior (rapid acceleration, hard braking, hard cornering).  The unit comes complete with a battery for vehicle theft protection and alerts.

With MapTrackTM you will have access to data for breadcrumb reports (the route traveled by a driver) and for driver stop reports – to discern whether, when stopped, the driver is working for you, or “moonlighting” (e.g., helping a friend, or worse)

Best of all, it’s all fully-integrated with your Ranger SST solution – NOT a different set of information to relate to the dispatching operation.

Take a closer look at MapTrackTM here.

Truck Maintenance

Stay on top of fleet maintenance with your Ranger SST all-in-one solution.

  • Establish pre-and post-trip truck inspection process for drivers to complete with their mobile devices.
  • Customize ongoing maintenance by truck, or for a group of trucks
  • Generate alerts for planned maintenance
  • Record fuel purchases on the driver’s mobile device for reporting
  • Track truck operating costs by type: maintenance vs. repair vs. other (insurance); or by mile: per total mile and per job mile (loaded plus unloaded)
Ranger SST Truck Maintenance

Ranger SST’s towing business software solutions are built to improve productivity for business owners, dispatchers and drivers.  To learn more about how our system can help you get more calls per driver using less fuel, contact us today for a FREE demonstration!

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